Welcome to My Journey

Hi! Thanks for joining my journey to the next start line {and beyond}.

You probably want to know a little bit about me.

I’m Amanda, the blogger behind SlowLaneRun. I’ve ditched the “Hi- I’m a slow runner” tag line and moved on to something a little bit more positive! Still not sure what I was thinking about the negative sounding blog name. My new blog will document my running/life journey to the Paris Marathon and beyond. I will let you in on my training schedules and some of my life events along the way.

Why I blog…

Journey to the Start Line is my connection to other runners and my time to practice writing. I have never been a front row fan of writing, it is just not my thing. This blog will give me a chance to boost my writing skills while connecting with others in the running community. I ran my first marathon last year and learned so much from the blog community along the way, now it is my turn to share my running advice, struggles, and race stories. Hopefully what I have to say will help motivate another runner to join the 26.2 club!

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